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Flair Shipping LLC (FSL) has evolved into supply chain logistics solutions, to take care of complete requirement of the customers. These services include Transport, Storage and Distribution of goods thus maximizing the efficiency and control of each element of supply chain logistics.

Evolving itself to meet the changing needs of the industry and offering quality solutions to clients we have successfully networked ourselves extensively so as to be able to meet all service demands. We have the know-how to adapt and optimise the services to the ever more complex business environment.

Our Mission

Flair shipping is handling a sizeable volume of Export & Import to and from various destinations and is still increasing in a rapid pace. Flair Shipping is enjoying very competitive rates for exports from UAE market..



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ESEAL033: SEAL - Seal charge

Tariff Description: Container Seal charge, UOM: Per Seal, Container Size:All - Any container size, Cargo Type: Dry - General/FAK, VAT: 0 %

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