Air Freight Services

Air Freight

FSL Air Freight is totally dedicated to providing clients and overseas partners with one of the most competitive and committed services possible. Our service commitment to our clients and partners means our levels of communication are once again of the highest quality. Constant review and improvement of our systems means that we are always looking at doing our business better, more economically, and with less effort on the part of all concerned. Our ERP solution is totally client oriented, and allows for reports to be tailor-made to any need.

With regard to Global coverage, FSL, over the years has been able to identify a network of strong, professional and dedicated partners in almost every corner of the globe. With their association, we can now offer services from or to even the smallest town in almost every country in world.

Since inception, the Air Freight department has been having close relationship with all the international carrier operating in the UAE. Wherein, we are able to obtain the best of rates in the industry and also offering dedicated service to our valued customer.

Features of the Services
  • Special air freight rates for bulk movements.
  • Export and import air freight/Cross trade.
  • Combined air- sea freight services.
  • Door to door delivery.
  • Custom brokerage.
  • Warehousing, distribution and delivery.
  • Project freight.
  • Provide attractive rates for chartered services on request.
  • Temperature control transportation
  • Dangerous Cargo Transportation